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Aksana Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 2020 from Delhi (India). We export best quality Rice We deals in basmati, non Basmati Rice, Wheat and other grain products,  Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Organic products as well. Under the leadership of Mr. Chandramohan, the company has emerged as one among the leading merchant exporters from India. Total customer satisfaction is the main focus of the company. We are equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit and production facility.

Our Mission

To stamp out Malnutrition across India.

Our Vision

Happy Nation is only with Healthy Children.


Equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit

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Best quality Kernals with Amar Rice Asurity.

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Best Deals and great service which give value for money.


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Amar Rice & General Mills Involve in Fortified kernal Manufacturing as well as Manufacturing unit setup and its spare parts

What is Fortified rice??

Best Quality Rice

As per WHO ”Fortification means  deliberately increasing the content of a necessary substance, i.e. vitamins and minerals (including trace elements) during a food, thus on improve the biological process quality of the food provide and supply a public health profit with lowest risk to health.

Rice is cultivated in several elements of the globe, because it grows in numerous climates. Industrial fortification of rice with vitamins and minerals has been practiced for {several} years in several countries throughout the globe, wherever rice could be a staple consumed often within the preparation of the many common native dishes. substance deficiencies of public health significance square measure widespread in most countries intense high levels of rice; therefore rice fortification has the potential to assist aid vulnerable populations that square measure presently not reached by wheat or maize flour fortification program. However, rice production is commonly done domestically or domestically that may build reaching all those in would like with mass fortification programs difficult.

Rice are often fortified by adding a substance powder to the rice that adheres to the grains or spraying of the surface of normal rice grains in many layers with a sustenance and mineral combine to create a protecting coating. Rice can even be extruded and formed into part prepared grain-like structures resembling rice grains, which might then be amalgamated with natural rice. Rice kernels are often fortified with many micronutrients, like iron, folacin and different B-complex vitamins, fat-soluble vitamin and metallic element.”


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Fortified rice introduction

Nutritionally fortified rice is finished rice created by adding some nutrients that square measure lacking or specially required by the frame to normal rice. The biological process fortification of rice contains a spread of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Nutrient-enriched rice makes the rice nutrition additional balanced, will guarantee consumers' basic biological process wants as well as micronutrients, and bit by bit management and eliminate the 2 major malnutrition’s, depleted biological process intake and biological process imbalance.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to stamp out Malnutrition across India. We consider that nutritious food is a basic right of all human individual. An effort to fight malnutrition, by manufacturing and distributing nutritious food to the needy. Amar set to associate herself to participate in Public Distribution System of India by adding nutrition to most basic staple food, Rice.

Our Vision for Happy Nation is only with Healthy Children. We at Amar entrust to fight anemia and micro-nutrient deficiency by this connote of fortification of Rice to make Happy Nation with Healthy Children.

Our Values teach us sincerity, genuineness and devotion. Work is worship is not just a phrase for us but a way to prove our existence to serve humanity.


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